Vampire Weekend ngrams list here

I’m pissed. Vampire Weekend is one of my favorite bands and so when they released the initials of the their new album – FOTB – I wanted to guess it.

I generated a list of potential Vampire Weekend album names on Jan. 17, by using a list of 4-grams and then searching for the first letters that matched FOTB (easy task with programming). But then I didn’t publish it. Cause if we looked at their past titles, there’s no way they would actually use a common phrase right (Vampire Weekend, Contra, Modern Vampires of the City)? Which totally invalidated my ngram strategy, I thought.

But guess what? I actually guessed it. FATHER. OF. THE. BRIDE. Father of the bride? Father of the briideee??? Can you believe that they used such a common phrase? And that “OF” and “THE” were two of the words? That’s so lazy.

Since I didn’t document my work before the announcement, it basically doesn’t count though. Imagine if I had tweeted @arzE… That sweet, sweet 15 minutes of fame…

Anyway, here’s that list of 4-grams I generated. Still angry.