Jonathan Chang

Strategy and innovation consulting projects

I’m currently a consultant at New Markets Advisors in Boston, a management consulting firm specializing in innovation, strategy, and the Jobs to Be Done framework. Day-to-day involves primary and secondary research (quantitative and qualitative) and building business strategy and innovation recommendations. Some of the industries I’ve been working in: fintech, pharma, healthcare, tech, education, benefits. Clients range from the Fortune 100 to midsize companies.

University of Central Asia Institutional research

Created an institutional research report with D3 visualizations based on admissions data, classroom data, running and analyzing surveys regarding student campus life and academics. Due to nature of data, please request report via email if needed.

React Markdown Tester

Test and preview Markdown code with this React app.

D3 Visualizations

Recently learned some D3 and made some things: an updating dashboard, social network graph, population density maps, Sankey diagram , donut chart.

UCA Programming (July 2016 -)

I moved to Kyrgyzstan in July 2016 to work for the University of Central Asia. I’ve been teaching first-year students how to code. Here’s a cool story on the university. I might also have two line cameo.

Celena (April - July 2016)

Worked as a full-stack engineer in NYC briefly before moving to Kyrgyzstan. Worked with REST APIs, Node, React to create a webapp used in production by a major ticket marketplace.

EPA Air Quality Monitor (January- June 2016)

With Yale faculty and student team, developed prototype of cost-effective air quality monitors to capture high-resolution air pollution data in the city of Baltimore for a $10 million EPA research project. Designed and tested monitor’s physical components and housing.

EPA monitor

Python Class! (March 2016)

Python Class at YHack’s Code Boola, a coding class for New Haven area high school and middle school students.

Citizen Can (September 2015)

A web app that filters through the complexity of the federal legislative process to deliver relevant and important bills based on interest and location. Won the Fiscal Note API Prize at HackMIT 2015.

Citizen Can

Legislative Research (June 2015)

Wrote 15 policy memos and compiled case folders on technology, health, law with Sen. Hatch’s Judiciary Committee, used by counsels to advise Sen. Hatch, including in the FBI - Apple hearing with Director Comey. Documented more than 200 federal regulatory crimes and compiled all Constitutional Convention applications ever submitted for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Formidably (January - May 2015)

A healthcare platform that unlocks data on paper forms via optical character recognition technology (Captricity API). Optimized to tackle the complexity of data generated by contact tracing in the 2014 Ebola Crisis. Finalist in the Thorne Prize for Social Innovation in Health or Education at Yale.

SeeMail (April 2013)

Unobtrusive read receipts for email. Developed at HackPrinceton. Our team was featured on TechCrunch.

Lost + Found @ Yale (February 2013)

Developed for a Yale hackathon, won “Best Newcomer” award. The app dynamically pairs up lost and found items for the Yale community. Requires Yale CAS authentication to view.

Shirts for Sandy (October 2012 - January 2013)

Direct response charity effort to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy through t-shirt sales. Appeared on the Huffington Post, NBC’s Style Network, local newspapers. We even did an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from our dorm!