Jonathan Chang


this is a picture of me

A bit of myself:

  • I’m currently a product manager at an AI startup. We’re using natural language generation and large datasets to automate news publishing
  • I was a consultant at a leading strategy / innovation consulting firm in Boston. Industries I worked in: financial services, fintech, pharma, healthcare, software. Clients ranged from the Fortune 100 to startups
  • I was a part of the start-up team for the University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan . I worked in Student Life and helped to establish campus life and extracurriculars at the first fully residential, liberal arts university in Central Asia
  • I graduated cum laude from Yale University in 2016. I double majored in political science and mechanical engineering

My interests:

  • data visualization and design
  • statistics, machine learning, natural language processing
  • tech, entrepreneurship, and education for international development

For fun, I like to:

  • solve the New York Times Crossword
  • watch and critique film
  • travel, write, make videos
  • read

Building this blog:

This blog has been a work in progress (the first commit was over 5 years ago!) and was created with Jekyll, a Ruby static site generator. I highly recommend it!

Finally, a disclaimer:

I’ve heard people say that social media serves as a reflection for our current (and often aspirational) conceptions of self. I think that writing and blogging (esp. about yourself) has a similar function. This blog is just a collection of random thoughts and updates on my life. I really like extended inside jokes (particularly those pertaining to The Consortium), so if anything doesn’t make sense you can just ask me about it.