Jonathan Chang

About this blog

guilty namazu Namazu convicted of causing 1855 Edo earthquake. 19th century Japanese woodblock print.

First and foremost, a disclaimer.

I’ve heard people say that social media serves as a reflection for our current (and often aspirational) conceptions of self. I think that writing and blogging (esp. about yourself) has a similar function. As such, this blog will constantly evolve as I think of weird things to post (and then later cringe) on. The probability is high that many things will make no sense because I enjoy extremely extended, convoluted inside jokes. I realize that some people do not. Sorry.

A bit about me.

I’m Jonathan Chang, a recent Yale University grad (HC/FFKACC ‘16). I was a double major in political science and mechanical engineering because I’m interested in everything and often pretty indecisive. I’m currently into international politics and development, entrepreneurship, data, and design. I love art, Carleen, the Consortium, crosswords, good infographics, museums, orange(s), pretending to be a weightlifter, reading, my suitemates, traveling, UCA people, and UCW, in alphabetical order.

Last year, I was living in Kyrgyzstan which honestly has been one of the most enjoyable and meaningful things I’ve done in my (so far, short) life. 10/10 would recommend just moving to a place you know nothing about if the chance ever comes up. This upcoming year, I’ll be working as a management consultant in Boston. I’ll keep you posted.

Building this blog.

This blog is a work in progress and was created with Jekyll, a Ruby static site generator. I highly recommend it! I also worked with the Leonids theme.