Why does all the cool stuff happen after I graduate? Prime examples: a few months ago Yale (2-7) beat Harvard at The Game for the first time in a decade, denying them the Ivy League championship. That and uhh…. I’m pretty out of the loop in Kyrgyzstan.

But now we definitely have a feat that surpasses that/those feat(s). Just an hour ago, Yale finally changed the name of the college I was randomly assigned to four and half years ago.

It now honors Grace Brewster Murray Hopper, an American computer science pioneer/genius (invented the first compiler; popularized the term “bug”) and if that wasn’t cool enough, also a US Navy Rear Admiral.

Good riddance! Question though– if CC was already known as the College Formerly Known As Calhoun is it now the College Formally Formerly Known As Calhoun? Am I now FFKACC 2016?