The NYT Mini Crossword puzzle is a godsend; it’s mana from heaven that renews itself each day in the form of a 5x5 interactive online grid, 10-20 clues, and the most melodic little piano jingle that signals successful completion.

As a self-diagnosed crossword addict with limited crosswording skills, a mini-crossword is a particularly ingenious invention. It typically takes me about 40 seconds to solve one of the these mini puzzles. To my great shame, I do remember one particularly hard puzzle that took me about 4 minutes because I wasn’t familiar with the term “silly billy” and it just so happened to be a double clue.

But no need to cry for me. I’ve had my top of the mountain moments as well. If and when someone has a sub-15 second solve, please let me know. Until then, with all due respect, I’ll reign on my throne of Lilliputian digital ciphers, you crossword peons.