This is a continuation of a food magazine series for foodies. It’s called Spoon University. Read a previous post: 7 Foods to Keep the Spring Sniffles Away by Sara Cho!


1. Salad

Salad is sometimes kind of wet if it’s recently been washed and you should always wash your salad because of pesticides, bacteria, and other living things. I know that at the supermarket some salad packages say that the salad inside comes prewashed. But do you really trust that?? And why are you buying prepackaged salad? Make it yourself, you lazy bum.

2. Eggs

Dropping an egg on your head would be like putting shampoo in your hair. Only, this shampoo has a yellow yolk, calcium carbonate shards, and makes your hair smell sulfurously terrible after a little while.


3. Cereal

Hair is usually kind of dirty. And even if you’ve washed it really recently, there’s probably all sorts of chemicals from your shampoo, like sulfates and parabens. They’re definitely bad for you. But seriously, cereal dirties your hair. If you’re bald, then it’ll dirty your scalp. And don’t get me started on cereal with milk.


4. Watermelon